Yellow Block

Yellow Block Community Development Group was established in 2018 and 501 (c)3, a nonprofit organization committed to the guiding principle of one community one people. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive employment, counseling, housing solutions, reductions in criminal justice involvement, health care, parenting and training solutions to at risk populations technology driven outcomes.

Our Vision

We envision preparing clients to be active in their communities that supports civic awareness, faith based participation, through self-responsibility and  community engagement.  


To assist clients with identifying internal barriers to employment by using evidence based instruments that assess employability and aptitude. Additionally, to provide training on work place etiquette that identifies best practices that are industry specific, to identify career mobility in employment sectors with livable wage employment consistent with the cost of living.  


The organizational objective is counsel at risk vulnerable clients about using available solutions and services to improve the lives of their children and families, and maximize available subsidies and public resources to build and sustain healthy communities. GREEN sustainability, and counseling focused on recycling and energy efficiency and good neighbor protocols and bipartisan civic engagement. 

Health Care

Provide clients and families with a roadmap to understanding the cost and risk benefit ratio of developing healthy lifestyles through, nutrition, preventive health care, medication management, and managed care proficiency to reduce the cost and long-term implications of mismanagement.


Augment simple technology based activities, that support existing agencies to monitor children’s education, status of employment, banking, bill payments, appointments, faith based obligations, through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with the understanding that clients use these platforms through smart phone applications.  

Our Values

Our approach lets us create value through our simple DATE model to create a marriage with the communities where our clients live and work.  

• Dedicated

• Accountable

• Transparent

• Engaged

Certificate of Formation

Who should receive mail on behalf of the organization? At what address?

Gordon Jackson
65 Willoughby Ave Apt A1
Brooklyn New York